Everton vs Arsenal (20h05 7/4): The series of numbers speak

Everton vs Arsenal: A series of numbers talking about the history of confrontation and striking statistics before the round-the-clock game of the English Premier League between Everton and Arsenal (April 20, 0505).

Everton vs Arsenal is the point of scoring against the 33rd round of the English Premier League season 2018/19. The Gunners will return to the Top 3 on the rankings if they defeat Merseyside half-green. This is both a mission and a driving force for Unai Emery’s teachers and coaches on the trip to Goodison Park. Check with Bongdanet.vn to review the series The series of numbers speak before Everton vs Arsenal.


– In the wake of the 33rd round of the English Premier League season in 2018/19, Everton and Arsenal have encountered each other a total of 211 times in every arena. The dominant advantage belongs to Arsenal with 106 victories, 45 draws and 60 losses.

– In the Premier League era, Everton and Arsenal had a total of 53 matches. Still an absolute absolute advantage for the Gunners: 33 victories, 13 draws and only 7 defeats.

12/33 of Arsenal’s victories against Everton in the English Premier League take place away. The rest takes place when they are playing at home: Emirates currently and Highbury before.

Meanwhile, Everton’s 6/7 victories over Arsenal in the Premier League took place at Goodison Park. This proves that the home ground is a definitive fulcrum for Merseyside half of Green when they compete with rivals from North London.

– In the last 5 encounters in the Premier League, Arsenal won 4 and lost 1. At the last match, Arsenal beat Everton 2-0 thanks to the shine of Alexandre Lacazette (56 ‘) and Pierre Aubameyang (59 ‘).

Aubameyang and Lacazette both scored in Arsenal’s 2-0 victory over Everton in the Premier League round of the season 2018/19.


– 8: Arsenal have won 8 of the last 9 encounters with Everton in every arena. The remaining match ended with the victory belongs to Everton.

– 9: Arsenal scored 2 or more goals in the last 9/10 matches with Everton in every arena.

– 5: Last 5/6 matches with Everton, Arsenal won in the first 45 minutes and the whole match.

– 5: Everton’s last 5 matches at home have ended with a total of 3 or less goals.

– 97: Arsenal beat Everton to 97 matches in the English league. This is the opponent that Arsenal have beaten most in the history of English Football League (the previous English and the current Premier League).

– 5: 5/6 nearest encounters in every arena between Everton and Arsenal ends with a total of 3 or more goals.

– 3: Arsenal’s last 3 matches in the Premier League ended with a total of 3 or less goals.

– 2: Arsenal scored at least 2 goals or more in the last 5/6 Premier League games.

– 2: Everton have scored 2 or more goals in the last 3 games played at home in the Premier League.

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