Mourinho was supported as coach in Bayern, Kovac began to worry

Who will continue to lead Bayern Munich in the coming season is a topic of great interest.

This is the first season, coach Niko Kovac takes over Bayern Munich. Who would have anticipated the difficulty that the Croatian military will experience with the team but with the current record of “Gray Lobster” this season, really makes many people feel disappointed.

They have to struggle to regain the No. 1 position in the Bundesliga from the big rivals, Borussia Dortmund after playing unstable in the early season. Currently, Niko Kovac’s teachers and students are only one point ahead of Dortmund so they only need to be subjective in the remaining rounds.

In the European arena, Bayern are soon eliminated by Liverpool at the eighth of the Champions League. More blame when in the second leg, “Lobster Gray” to represent England to win 1-3 right on the Allianz Arena mecca.

Because of the disappointing results, it was rumored that Niko Kovac will have to “go out” in the coming season and Bayern have to find new rulers to lead the team. Even the family, Franz Beckenbauer also voiced support for the decision to dismiss former Frankfurt coach by Jurgen Klopp after seeing Bayern lose to Liverpool in the Champions League.

The future of the 47-year-old strategist is very unstable at the Allianz Arena and there have been rumors, Mourinho will be here. Although the Portuguese military commander once insinuated to deny this job because he respected Kovac but the former coach’s future is still a question mark.

And recently, Michael Ballack has said that Bayern need to appoint Mourinho because he will bring benefits to both “Gray” and Bundesliga. Ballack said:

“Now Kovac is the coach and I respect it. He is a good manager but in the future, the appointment of Mourinho will be attractive to Bayern and the Bundesliga. It was recognized by me. Bayern was led by Pep, although he did not win the Champions League with Bayern but brought a huge boost in this place. “

“For Mourinho, it’s easy for the club to attract top stars. At the moment, the Bundesliga lacks the appeal of many top-class players like the Premier League. But Bayern and Mourinho have enough. the attraction to take those stars from them. “

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